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1997 History of the Stingaree Jamboree

October 17th, things began to happen. Decorations went up, banners in the blue and gold, blue and gold tables cloths, balloons and ribbons. People began coming before 10:00a.m. at the beach house at Unicoi State Park. Some had come in the night before. Why? For the second "Stingaree Jamboree" at Unicoi State Park in Helen, Georgia, the third weekend in October. The Stings came from California, Arizona, North & South Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and of course Florida. The largest representation in attendance was the graduating class of 1947, closely followed by the graduating class of 1952.

Friday night, after eating a wonderful barbeque, and the drawing for door prizes, the cloggers performed for all in a packed to over flowing beach house. Even the Stings clogged. Perhaps this was a new dance for some. The evening was filled with smiles, jugs, kisses and loads of conversation. Some of the renewed friendships continued until after midnight. The next day we met for more get-togethers, more door prizes and another fantastic dinner. Charlotte Griffin Coxe, Class of '32, and her sister Hazel Griffin Jellan, Class of '34 drove from Highlands, N.C. to attend. They were an absolute delight and enjoyed themselves immensely. The youngest graduate was from the Class of '69, Dolores Testa Bently, who attended together with her two brothers, Henri Testa, Class of '63 and Donald Testa, Class of '58.

Approximately 255 Stingarees attended the 1997 Stingaree Jamboree and we look forward to doubling that attendance for 1998. We have conference rooms for events as we have outgrown the beach house. Want to see YOU at the 1998 Jamboree. October 16-18, 1998.

1997 PARTICIPANTS: List of Participants from 1997

PHOTOS FROM 1997: Some photos from the '97 Jamboree